Ashton B.C., PLLC is an accounting firm that specializes in small business accounting in and around the Metro-Detroit area. As lifelong residents we've seen the incredible renaissance that has taken place within the past decade. Everyday entrepreneurs are creating and operating new businesses that employ and service their communities. Their communities in turn welcome and support these businesses enthusiastically. With that enthusiasm comes growth. Owners and operators take on more responsibilities, the complexity of the decision making increases and the need to delegate duties and tasks becomes more apparent. Business owners find that in order to grow their time must be prioritized so that they can focus on maximizing their potential. 

At Ashton B.C. our passion is helping our clients succeed. We provide affordable accounting solutions that allow owners to focus on what's most important to them. By working with our firm, operators are able to move away from performing the accounting tasks themselves. As a result of working with a CPA our clients can trust that the work is prepared professionally, accurately and on time. We only work with small business clientele, therefore you are always our number one priority. Whether it be for monthly accounting services, business tax planning, or consulting services we are proud to serve the hardworking entrepreneurs of this great region.


Areas of Practice

Monthly Accounting Services

Operating a successful small business requires that owners and managers become involved in virtually every aspect of the daily activities. Ashton Business Consulting specializes in providing accounting services to small business owners. We perform the day to day and monthly accounting processes so that you can focus on growing your business.  



Navigating Tax laws and regulations can be complicated and cumbersome and in some instances lead to uncertainty. Preparing tax returns have significant implications and potential consequences associated with them. Ashton Business Consulting provides expert tax advisory services for our clients so that you can be assured that your tax matters have been professionally evaluated and reviewed.      


Employees are the heart of any business.  As business owners we want to ensure that our employees feel valued. The timely processing of payroll is one the best ways we can achieve that. We also know that payroll processing can be a tedious task and that there are times when other duties have to wait in order to complete payroll. Ashton Business Consulting offers full service payroll processing that provides our clients the piece of mind knowing that it will be accurate and timely.  


Business and management consulting

Frequently there are important decisions that must be made regarding the financial health of your business. Issues ranging from tax implications to budgeting to debt management arise on a regular basis. Having a trusted adviser that your team can rely on is an invaluable tool. Ashton Business Consulting provides advisory services so that when difficult issues come up our clients have a partner they can depend on.          


QuickBooks is the number one accounting software used by small business. The application allows for an easy, efficient and effective way to manage your company's books. Ashton Business Consulting will assist new users with setup and integration of the software. For established users that may have questions regarding usage of the software we also provide training.  


INternal Controls and procedures

Accounting is a system based on checks and balances. When that system works well owners and operators can maintain a high level of confidence in their books. Ashton Business Consulting evaluates our clients internal controls to ensure that controls are functioning as intended. We also assist clients in developing accounting procedures so that they can be assured that tasks are completed in an accurate and efficient manner.  








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